August 21st, 2015

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The peak of our local tomato season has finally arrived. While in many parts of the country, tomato season coincides with the heart of summer, due to our cooling onshore flow from the Pacific Ocean that we experience in the Bay Area, our tomatoes usually wait until the last month of summer to ripen and bear sweet fruit. Not coincidentally, other members of the nightshade family such as chiles and sweet peppers also ripen at the same time.

Throughout the year we receive requests for pico de gallo, but I have been hesitant to use out of season tomatoes that often are mealy and flavorless. The tomatoes are so good right now that for the next several weeks there will be the option to add a bowl of fresh Early Girl pico de gallo to an order of tortilla chips and trio of salsas.

We have also added a new salad to the menu consisting of Heirloom tomatoes, grilled Jimmy Nardello peppers and zucchini chips with a black olive-serrano chile salsa and cotija cheese.   Normally tomato season rolls into the fall until the end of October, or when the first rains fall. Hopefully we have a nice long tomato season, but El Nino may have something to say about that. So, please come and savor some great tomatoes while they last.