Susana Trilling’s Visit to Comal

April 30th, 2013

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We recently hosted renowned Mexican chef and cookbook author Susana Trilling for a special daytime cooking class at Comal.  The class focused on Oaxaca, the region closest to Susana’s heart – she’s written two books about Oaxacan cuisine: Seasons of My Heart and My Search for the Seventh Mole.

Susana demonstrated several classic dishes, including memelas with mushroom “ceviche”, crema de chayote, barbacoa de pollo, arroz con chepil and budin de chocolate Oaxaquena.  As she prepared the dishes, Susana shared numerous anecdotes and stories about Oaxacan food and culture.


After watching Susana prepare the various dishes, everyone sat down for a family style meal so that they could taste each dish.  Ryan Fitzgerald from Del Maguey dropped by with a bottle of Santo Domingo Albarradas mezcal, which he shared with everyone in Del Maguey’s signature “copitas” – small clay sipping cups.


In all, an enlightening, informative and delicious way to spend a few hours!  Thanks to Susana and Ryan for sharing their love of Oaxacan food and drink…


Thanks to Robert Trachtenberg and Sigrid Laing for the photos (below).