SPF 2020 – Sand Between Your Toes in Liquid Form

We have a new cocktail on the list just in time for longer days and warmer temps: SPF 2020.  Apparently the secret is already out, as it’s quickly vaulted near the top of our cocktail sales ladder.  As noted above,  our often eloquent barkeep Matthew Campbell describes SPF 2020 as “Sand between your toes in liquid form”.  There’s not much I can add to that pithy summary, but I’ll at least offer a little context.


SPF 2020 has all the makings of easy drinking, tropical drink nirvana: tasty rum (Matusalem – a traditional Cuban rum now made in the DR), strawberry, blood orange, and lime.  Our special sauce in this one is spiced dram – a house-made liqueur of cinnamon, clove, mulato chile, allspice and vanilla – cooked up in the Comal lab by Matthew and Tony.   The dram’s spicy notes nicely offset the tropical drink “fruit bomb” effect, especially when coupled with the St Germain.


The “cherry on top” in this case is a green strawberry, cooked sous vide in syrup.  All in all, a rather culinary take on what is usually a very simple drink – and while the end result is certainly easy drinking, it is also deceptively nuanced and complex.


As I prepared this piece, I turned up this, err, fanciful account of how St Germain is produced – as Scott Baird put it, “If you believe the account on their website, I’ll sell you the bridge…” – pay particular attention to the impressive lamb chops on the guy behind the bicycle in the second photo.


JP (with notes from Matthew Campbell)

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