Quince Essential joins the cocktail roster

October 29th, 2013

Meet the latest addition to our cocktail list: Quince Essential.


From a batch of “utterly esoteric” (to quote our barman Matthew) ingredients comes a cocktail that is equal parts smoke, spice, tart and sweet.  Peleton mezcal is a leathery, traditionally smokey mezcal reminiscent of Alipus San Balthazar.  It is infused with hoja santa and toasted, ground morita chiles in separate infusions that are then mixed 8:1 to create an herby, spicy mezcal.


From there, add Genepy, a subtle alpine herb liqueur along with equal parts lemon juice, quince syrup and bergamot (think Earl Grey tea – lemony with coriander notes) juice.  It’s shaken hard and served in a small coupe garnished with a couple dashes of Peychaud’s bitters and bergamot peel.



JP (with input from MC)