New Tacos: Flank steak with grilled corn-cherry tomato salsa and avocado

June 8th, 2015

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As a chef, travel can often be very inspirational. I recently spent a few days in Los Angeles visiting family, and made sure to check out a couple of my favorite taquerias in LA. What I’m often struck by is how different many of the Mexican offerings in Southern California are from those in the Bay Area.

As is often the case with any immigrant group, one pioneer sets off from a puebla, establishes himself, and then more members of the village follow. In San Francisco, many of the restaurant workers are from the Yucatan and Chiapas. Although we have folks among our staff at Comal from many regions of Mexico, there are large contingents from Guerrero and Guanajuato. Due to the close proximity to the border, much of the immigrant population in Los Angeles hails from the northern state of Sonora that borders California and Arizona. Sonora is cattle country; much of the state composed of the Sonoran desert.

One variety of tacos that I had on this last trip was composed of flank steak that was stewed with green chiles and tomatoes. I found it to be particularly satisfying and representative of the Sonoran region, and have put together a version that is a fresh summery take on the muse: tacos made with flank steak guisado, grilled corn-cherry tomato salsa and avocado.