New Sangrita, New Flight

On the occasion of adding a sangrita amarilla to the mix, we’ve recently added a new flight – the Producción Chiquito Flight – to the menu. Our “small producers” flight is the first that includes a blanco, reposado and an añejo, each paired with one of our three house-made sangritas.

The Gran Dovejo blanco is a new offering from the Vivanco family, who have been making tequila in Los Altos for five generations. It’s paired with our sangrita verde (mint, hoja santa, cucumber, lime, pineapple, serrano, poblano).

Sophie Decobecq is not your typical tequila producer. I met her at a tequila tasting event a few months back and was surprised to find that the force of nature behind Calle 23 is a young woman of French descent who fell in love with agave and never looked back. She spoke at length about the special yeasts she uses for fermentation and the important role they play in the final product – she uses different yeasts for blanco, repo and añejo expressions. Whatever it is she’s using, it’s working. Her reposado, aged eight months in old bourbon barrels, is paired with our sangrita rojo (tomato, orange, tamarind, dried chile paste, lime, ginger).

Siete Leguas is a heritage producer who happens to have been the original distillery for Patrón – and it’s generally agreed that Patrón has gone downhill since they moved their distilling elsewhere. Siete Leguas still employs the old school approach of grinding a portion of their cooked agave with a tahona, a large horse-drawn millstone used in tequila and mezcal production for centuries, and is a staff favorite. Our new sangrita amarilla (mango, cacao, habañero, lime) is a fitting foil for their full-bodied, exceptionally smooth añejo.


JP (and thanks to Matt and Scott for background info)

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