New Flight: A Trio of Single Village Mezcals from Alipús

We recently added our first flight of single village mezcals – all under the Alipús brand.  The trio of mezcals – San Juan del Rio, San Balthazar and San Andres – are all produced in the southern state of Oaxaca, ground zero for mezcal.  Each mezcal is produced using time-honored methods; agave is wood-roasted in an orno (a pit oven), juice is extracted using a horse-drawn tahona (a large millstone) and fermentation takes place in open-air vats with native, airborne yeasts.  All three use Agave Espadin (the most common agave for mezcal, though many others are also used) and are double-distilled in wood-fired, copper pot stills.   These production methods are literally the same methods that have been employed in Oaxaca for centuries and represent artisanal, craft distilling at its finest.


Despite shared geography, agave type and production methods, the three bottles have markedly different flavor profiles, making for a compelling tasting session.  Each reflect the terroir of their particular microclimate and the unique approach of each mezcalero – and each are fermented in vats of different woods.


The flight is paired with small chunks of orange and pineapple as well as our signature chicharrón salt.

San Andres (47.5% ABV) – 100% Agave Espadin from the Valley of Miahuantlan, Oaxaca with arid, calciferous soil. Distilled by Don Valante Garcia Juarez in Xitlapehua, Miahuantian, Oaxaca. Fermented in cypress vats.

San Baltazar (43% ABV) – 100% Agave Espadin from the Valley of Tiacolula, Oaxaca with rocky, calciferous soil. Distilled by Don Cosme Hernandez & son Cirilo in San Baltazar Guelavila, Tiacolula, Oaxaca.  Fermented in pine vats.

San Juan del Rio (47.2% ABV) – 100% Agave Espadin from the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca with ferriferous (iron rich) soil. Distilled by Don Joel Antonio Cruz and family in San Juan del Rio, Tlacolula, Oaxaca.  Fermented in oak vats.



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