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New Cocktail (while it lasts): Jolly Ranchero

March 7th, 2015

This year it seems oddly appropriate that the last of our autumn/winter cocktails is hitting the menu the night before we change the clocks and spring forward.  In what feels like the shortest winter of my lifetime it’s been a mad dash to get all of our favorite seasonal fruit on the menu before its time to eat strawberries and go swimming again.  This drink is my attempt at a stall tactic to trick the seasons into dragging their heels and letting me enjoy baked apples for a few weeks.

Hachiya persimmons came to us via a suburban foraging project in the North Bay.  We let them ripen on the racks in the prep kitchen until they turned to delicious mush and cooked them down with cinnamon, allspice and cane juice.  Persimmons tend to lend more texture and color to cocktails than flavor, and the syrup we made has a soft, slightly tannic feel that helps offset the lemon’s brightness.

Dried Fuji apple-infused tequila was a project I started months ago for a previous drink.  The two ideas came together when I wanted another sour (egg white) cocktail to bridge the gap before we bring back the ‘Summer Camp’.  The vermouth and spiced syrup combined with the dried apple infusion add up to one delicious baked apple, tin foil and campfire not included.