My Picks for SF Beer Week!

When my managers asked me for my recommendations for large-format bottles to sell at Comal during San Francisco Beer Week, I grew wide-eyed.  As a previous employee of three different craft beer bars on the east coast, I am a self-declared beer nerd, and the words “Beer Week” make me foam at the mouth.  The opportunity to contribute to my restaurant’s already strong beer list for this special event made me excited.


I guess they weren’t looking to take all of my mere 18 suggestions, but they did pick two of my favorite ales to sell in large format bottles.  Starting tonight, Port Brewing Wipeout IPA and Lost Abbey Devotion are available to accompany your meal.


When picking beers to go with our Mexican menu, I steered clear of beers that were too sweet or too tart, nothing too floral or yeasty, and no sours or wild ales (unfortunately, as I love them very much).  Whatever I picked had to have bright and crisp qualities that would pair well with spicy, savory dishes.  Port Brewing’s Wipeout IPA came immediately to mind.  This has been one of my favorite IPAs (India Pale Ale) for years.  It’s a hop bomb, but with a decidedly citrusy edge – I often describe it as tasting like grapefruit juice with hops thrown in.  At 7%, it’s not quite light enough to have several of, but it does go down easy.  If you catch a bite of richer, spicier flavor in one of Comal’s dishes, this will cleanse your palate.


Lost Abbey Devotion is a Belgian-style golden ale.  It’s lighter than an American pale ale, but not as light or floral as a Belgian White.  It’s bready and spicy, but it finishes clean.  I imagine this will be especially well suited for our ensalada picada, hen of the woods mushroom quesadilla, and the whole chicken plato fuerte.


A well-chosen beer can pair well with any cuisine.  In addition to the two beers discussed above, we are also offering Golden State of Mind from Ale Industries (Concord, CA) and Blind Spot Dark Ale from Highwater (San Leandro, CA).  Come in and celebrate Beer Week with us! 

-Molly Schremmer


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