Mezcal Dinner at Comal with Mezcal Vago

May 10th, 2016

On Monday June 13th, Comal will welcome Judah Kuper from Mezcal Vago for a special dinner showcasing several of Vago’s offerings complemented by a menu of Oaxaca-inspired dishes by Comal’s executive chef Matt Gandin. Dinner guests will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with Judah and learn first-hand about his extensive experiences in the world of agave spirits.

Judah lives in Oaxaca, Mexico, where he married into a family of fifth-generation mezcaleros. The enthusiastic feedback the family’s mezcal received at his beachside bar on the southern coast of Mexico inspired him to bring this special mezcal to the world. Mezcal Vago features small batch mezcales made in traditional methods by mezcaleros who for generations have been perfecting their craft deep in the mountains of Southern Oaxaca.

This is the latest in an ongoing series of producer dinners (previous dinners have featured Don Amado Mezcal, wine companies like Bedrock, Arnot-Roberts, Unti, and Wind Gap and beer companies like Fort Point, Henhouse and Social) held in Comal’s private dining room, Abajo. All previous events have sold out in advance.

DATE/TIME: Monday, June 13th at 6:30 pm
PRICE: Tickets are $70 (inclusive of food, mezcal and service charge)
RESERVATIONS:  Space is limited – to purchase tickets, follow this link:

FEATURED MEZCALS: Espadin, Elote, Ensamble en Barro and more!



Guacamole, Chips and Three Salsas

Nahuatl by Nature (cocktail) Vago Espadin, Amaro Montenegro, green chile liqueur, lime

Halibut Ceviche serrano chile, green olive, tomato

Sweet Corn and Rajas Tamal, pipian verde

Flan Tradicional fresh strawberries