Good girl!

Naming a cocktail is a little like naming a jazz tune or a piece of abstract art. You can be as specific or random as you like. While under development, the latest addition to our cocktail list was known as The Pink Drink. Sometimes these “placeholder” names actually make the final cut, as was the case with Comal’s Palomaesque, which is a riff on the classic, popular Paloma cocktail. In this case, a new name emerged at the eleventh hour – La Buena. La Buena means “the good one” or “the good girl” and happens to be the name of our nine year old German Pointer. Most of the time she lives up to her name, except when she doesn’t. Not sure why we chose to name this cocktail after her, but there does seem to be a long and storied tradition of restaurants and dogs. Here’s a shot of Buena in one of her more dignified moments, up on Mt Tam.

La Buena reminds me a bit of the Comal Swizzle. It’s breezy, fruity but not too sweet, and pink peppercorns add an unexpected, subtle twist. Perfect on a hot night like tonight!

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