Comal’s Roof Garden Underway!

May 10th, 2013

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Exciting news from Comal’s roof!  Our friend Beth LaDove from Modern Farmhouse devised a simple, scalable approach to container planting on the roof over the last couple months and this week she installed a dozen containers.  We have LOTS of additional space up there, so this is hopefully the first of several phases.  To start, we are focusing primarily on the hard to find chilhuacle negro chiles from Oaxaca that go into mole negro.  We also have a few tomato plants and some hoja santa.


Our roof has full southern exposure and the parapet around the perimeter offers some shelter from winds.  It is also a large thermal mass – it absorbs sunlight all day long and then gradually releases the heat throughout the night, creating a perfect little microclimate up there.  And thankfully it’s a white roof, so it doesn’t get too hot.  Fingers crossed that the initial plantings thrive!