Comal’s Black Daiquiri

While agave-based spirits tequila and mezcal are of course consumed with gusto throughout Mexico, rum is also a popular spirit.  So including a rum-based cocktail or two on our list makes good sense.  There are countless variations on the classic daiquiri cocktail, including many “black” daiquiris, with the common thread being a base of rum, lime and sugar.

Comal’s incorporates rum, fresh squeezed lime and sugar and adds two additional distinctive twists: Amaro Averna, which adds a hint of herbal bitterness, and house-made Chiapan coffee tincture, which adds a hit of, well, coffee-ness.  Throw in a twist of citrus rind on top and you have a complex, nuanced daiquiri that bears almost no resemblance to its distance cousin: the frozen strawberry daiquiri.  For what it’s worth, Scott Baird thinks it might be the best cocktail on the menu and the daiquiri was a favorite drink of both Ernest Hemingway and John F. Kennedy, not to mention our architect Keith Morris – good company indeed!
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