Comal To Go Opens Today!



Fresh on the heels of Comal Next Door reopening for pickup and delivery last week, we are excited to announce that Comal is reopening for pickup and delivery (Comal To Go) with a menu built on classic dishes from Comal’s menu.  We’re offering six Family Meals: Whole Rotisserie Chicken, Wood-Grilled Spareribs, Veggie Enchiladas, Albondigas en Adobo, Carne Asada and Cochinita Pibil – all six meals come with red rice, choice of beans, tortillas and two salsas. 

To round out your Family Meal, we’re offering a variety of Sides, Salads and Cookies, including our Ensalada Picada and Wild Shrimp Ceviche plus seasonal favorites like Grilled Asparagus and our famous Street Corn (it’s back!).  We also have a Bodega section for your pantry needs that offers packaged goods like salsas, chips, soups (Chicken Chile Verde, anyone?), moles, tamales and more.  

While you’re at it, you’ll need some cold beverages.  Thanks to the kind folks at the CA Alcoholic Beverage Control office, we are now able to offer cocktails for pickup and delivery – the current lineup is Margarita, Jack Satan, Joaquin Murrieta and Abuelo Sucio – all ready to pour over ice and enjoy.  Cocktails have been a big hit thus far at Comal Next Door – stay tuned for a new one in the coming days. We are also selling six draft beers and two wines on tap as well as our usual selection of bottled and canned beer and a selection of bottled wine.

Comal To Go will be open for pickup and delivery daily from 4-8pm.  Orders can be picked up (contactless) at our doorway at 2020 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley.  Comal Next Door is open for pickup and delivery from 11am-8pm daily.  Comal To Go orders can be placed through our Pickup Menu or through Caviar or DoorDash. For all three options, we offer contactless pickup at our front door – or you can get contactless delivery from Caviar or DoorDash.  For CND, place pickup orders here or order pickup or delivery through Caviar or DoorDash. Please place your order online as we will not be taking new orders in person at either restaurant.  And please note that we cannot combine orders for Comal and Comal Next Door – they will need to be delivered or picked up separately.

It’s been an invigorating couple of weeks!  Comal Next Door is firing on all cylinders and it feels great to get the gears turning again at Comal.  Thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far!



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Comal is open for Pickup and Delivery from 4pm-8pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and from 4-8:30pm on Friday and Saturday

2020 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley CA (510) 926-6300