Yesterday, Comal celebrated its 8th anniversary (CND turned two back in April) in a decidedly different way than the last seven anniversaries. Normally this time of year, our crape myrtles are leafing out and our patio is buzzing with festive, springtime energy. Today, our crape myrtles are still leafing out, but our patio is eerily quiet as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a socially-distanced, contactless pickup kind of way.

The crape myrtles doing their springtime thing reminds us that we are playing the long game, and that this crazy chapter is not forever. Never have we appreciated what special places Comal and Comal Next Door are more than we do right now! We look forward to returning to “normal” days with DJ Jose spinning his amazing tunes on Thursday nights, people gathered around the fire pit, the sound of drinks being shaken at the bar… But until then, we are very much enjoying bringing food and drink to all of you via pickup and delivery.  We’re appreciating your support, and the many warm exchanges as you swing by to pick up your food.  It’s a different way of connecting, but it’s connecting, which is why we opened Comal and Comal Next Door in the first place.  Thanks for eight years of amazing memories and here’s to many more – we certainly won’t forget this Cinco de Mayo!


Comal To Go is open for pickup and delivery daily from 4-8pm. Orders can be picked up (contactless) at our doorway at 2020 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley.  Comal Next Door is open for pickup and delivery from 11am-8pm daily.  For Comal To Go, place pickup orders  here or or order pickup or delivery through Caviar or DoorDash.  For CND, place pickup orders here or order pickup or delivery through Caviar or DoorDash. For all three options, we offer contactless pickup at the front door of each restaurant – or you can get contactless delivery from Caviar or DoorDash.  Please place your order online as we will not be taking new orders in person at the restaurants– and please order early for tonight as we may run out of some items due to heavy demand.  And please note that we cannot combine orders for Comal and Comal Next Door – they will need to be delivered or picked up separately.

Thanks for your continued support!



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Comal is open for Pickup and Delivery from 4pm-8pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and from 4-8:30pm on Friday and Saturday

2020 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley CA (510) 926-6300